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Why is more than just a web based Business Intelligence system designed for companies who use HansaWorld Standard ERP business software, Excel, Atlassian JIRA and other software and systems in their business processes.

For everyone who is interested to see the big picture of his company in one place - always up to date and presented in a simple visual format. It is about the awareness of progress and the possibility to get answers to your important questions as well as for quick spotting of discrepancies and errors. It enables the full potential of your employees by giving them insight and understanding on how they are influencing the business and showing them that they are actually setting the company up for success or failure.

You can use for retrospective analytics of previous experience, for up-to-date actual data monitors and for future predictions about each and every KPI that matters for your Finance department, Sales Team, Logistics or Warehouse employees. can deliver value for everyone, no matter what is their position or duties.

Product is available in two versions : Cloud and Enterprise.

Cloud is a standardized version hosted and taken care of. It has all the features and flexibility, but has it's limits and might not be suited in case of specific requirements and customization needs or extra large amount of data.

Enterprise is your private server installation that can be hosted in cloud or on premise and also customized for your special needs: new data source integrations, customized business processes or data structures.

With both products you can:

  • communicate goals and progress on Wallboards around your office, warehouse or production environment
  • be interactive and ask operational questions in Reports to make faster decisions or get new insights
  • receive KPI Dashboards in scheduled periodic emails
  • follow results on your touchscreen devices when you are out of office
  • find out what the numbers in data cells or report consist of with Drill into & Drill Across functionality
  • embed charts and dashboards in your intranet, web site or other systems
  • send status reports to your customers and suppliers and team
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Solutions offers ready-to-use solutions, dashboards and report templates you can choose depending on your industry, company profile and goal you are trying to reach. If you decide to be a power user - you have full capabilities of the Drag-and-Drop report building environment to create your own solutions, implement more complex algorithms or adjust the existing Dashboard templates.

Thinking out of the box? With you can create something extra ordinary for your team when they reach their goals - trigger fireworks on the screen or create candy dispenser based on results. Do you have your own ideas how to motivate your team even better than a chart on it's own can? If you tell us about it, together we can make it happen.

flex bi solutions

Integrations's speciality is a user-friendly integration with Standard ERP, but you can build multi source reports with data from other systems you can connect using Rest API, SQL and other connectors.

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To measure success of latest marketing campaign, you can compare Sales Ledger from Standard ERP, Google analytics data and salesman activity from your Asterisk call central. If you would like to see Stock numbers by route and compare them with Logistics system data and issues created in JIRA issue tracking software, that is also possible. Excel integration allows you to add budgets, targets and other important info stored outside any other system, to see the whole picture of progress. Cloud version supports standard integrations listed below, but with Enterprise you are free to add support for your custom made modules, registers and develop connectors for other custom software.

flex bi integrations Story

It all started in 2013 with the need for a reliable Business Intelligence tool for the users of Standard ERP. and the HansaWorld development team collaborated closely to create a reliable integration between the two products. is based in Riga, Latvia working with partners and customers across Europe, Africa and Australia. The core of our team has more than 10 years experience working with Hansaworld Standard ERP, web based and other system implementation and integration projects.

Customer feedback is the fuel that keeps us going and deliver “The best business intelligence system for HansaWorld Standard ERP” as some of our customers call us.

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