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Over 550 000 companies around the world are using HansaWorld's products to automate and streamline their administrative tasks.

Standard ERP — cloud based integrated business software

Cloud Based

Run your business from any device and any place. With our cloud hosting all your data is encrypted, automatically backed up and always at your fingertips. Cloud services give you top drawer infrastructure, customized to your needs and managed by experts at a fraction of the cost of having it in-house.


Grow your company from one employee to an international, multi-user organization within one product. Pay for only what you use, when you are using it — upscale and downscale at any time. Avoid hefty upfront fees — with our monthly subscription you are always in control of your cashflow.

Multiple Industries

Save time and money on third party software and employee training — HansaWorld provides numerous integrated solutions within the ERP system for a wide range of industries. Everything is available within the same system, with the interface and workflows you and your staff are used to.

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Small businesses

Standard Accounts

An easy-to-use accounting software with integrated contact management, invoicing and inventory management. Create professional-looking invoices, manage contacts, payments, sales development and do bookkeeping in one system — Standard Accounts covers every need of a small business supporting its growth. Read more...

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Mid-size and large companies

Standard ERP

Full-scale business management software covering all needs of a modern company — from traditional ERP, SCM and CRM to a wide range of industry specific solutions, all cross-integrated with other parts of the system. Standard ERP brings unrivaled flexibility to work from anywhere in a multi-user environment with all data stored securely in the cloud. Read more...

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What is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a business management software used by companies to collect, manage and analyze data concerning various aspects of business, all from within one unified system. An ERP system provides an integrated view of all core business processes, from supply chain management and sales pipeline to customer service and accounting, taking into consideration information from every part of the company and any type of transaction. Real time workflow and reporting tools of a modern ERP provide timely and accurate information to business managers for informed decision making.

Impact Leadership Development Group

HansaWorld was one of the few vendors on the market that could offer a fully integrated product that managed job costing, invoicing and payment procedures, all within a Mac environment. It will enable us to move away from paper-based tasks and manual processes and will improve the accuracy and timeliness of the information we produce.

Caroline Airey, Finance Manager of Impact Development Training Group

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